Sport Haley Be Bold Golf Ladies Fashion

Golf has always been deemed as a fashionable sport. Men ride in golf carts looking dapper in their golf shirts and pants while women strut the golf course wearing fab and sexy shirts and skorts. An 18-hole victory is sweeter if you’re wearing the most comfortable and fashionable ensemble.

If you’re a golf aficionado who won’t get caught wearing last year’s fashion, head over to Lori’s Golf Shoppe and scan their countless racks of men and women’s golf clothes, shoes and accessories. Among the many brands of popular clothes in this specialty shop, Sport Haley stands out with its bold prints and eye-catching colors.



This season, Sport Haley debuts their Be Bold collection comprised of golf shirts, shorts and skorts in cool aquamarine hues. Turquoise, black, white and ginger combine to give any golf chick the beauty boost. Practice your perfect swing wearing adorable Sport Haley Be Bold golf outfits made from polyester and spandex jersey which absorbs sweat yet doesn’t attract dust nor dirt easily. The ladies golf capris and shorts meanwhile are for those who want to move freely. All Sport Haley Be Bold clothes are made from the highest quality of material designed to give you utmost comfort without compromising fashion.

Check out the Sport Haley Be Bold collection from your friendly neighborhood store, Lori’s Golf Shoppe in Calabesh, NC.  If you want to shop in the comfort of your home, click on our online shop, Lori’s Golf, to choose the perfect golf outfit or accessory.

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