TipTeeToe Through the Golf Course

From course … to clubhouse … to dinner … TipTeeToe® Golf Shoes are all the rage! They’re flirty, fun and functional! While no one ever expected a wedge heel for golf, it does have lots of advantages. Besides looking great, it allows your weight to naturally shift towards the balls of your feet … just where it is supposed to be. It also places you more directly over the ball on the green, enhancing your visual lie for lining up your putt. While breaking the norm in traditional golf shoes, it ultimately enhances how you address the ball, promoting proper contact and potentially greater distance!

TipTeeToe® Golf Shoes offer high-quality leather construction, featuring detachable straps for virtually unlimited fashion statements. Magnetic strap closures with the TipTeeToe® logo ball markers complement each shoe. The wedge, spike-less, non-slip sole offers effortless style and comfort from the minute you put them on until you take them off.

Lori’s Golf Shoppe, located in the heart of Calabash, NC., is in on this rage. While Lori’s features a wide array of golf shoes for men, women and children, the TipTeeToe® Golf Shoe is new to the shoppe. As word gets out, it’s gaining in popularity so be sure to stop by soon before your preferences are sold out. If you prefer, purchase can be made from Lori’s internationally recognized online store at Lorisgolfshoppe.com. With just the click of a mouse or a quick phone call for online assistance, you’ll secure your selections with ease!

While you’re shopping at the retail shoppe or online, why not take advantage of the special discounts on apparel and accessories that you’ll find at these locations. Lori’s also offers individual and group instruction, clinics based upon skill levels, outings and golf packages. Shopping at Lori’s Golf Shoppe opens doors to learn new things, purchase new equipment and meet new people. After all, it’s the place Where All the Golfing Gals Gather for fun, sun and friendship.

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