Fairway Fans!

In the dog days of summer, the high heat of the day can make for an impossible round of golf. You find yourself hot, sweaty and even a little cantankerous! Now you can achieve the “portable breeze” as you await your turn to hit your ball … and it’s called the FAIRWAY FAN!

The fairway fan‘s wires clip to a golf cart’s battery located under the seat. The fan is secured to the cart … on the dashboard, on the top of the windshield, on the back of the cart … virtually any sturdy spot on the cart! This portable, six inch, 12 volt powerful oscillating fan can help you stay cool during the heat of day as you play your 27 holes!

The purchase of these portable Fairway Fans can be made at Lori’s Golf Shoppe or Lorisgolfshoppe.com. Lori’s Golf Shoppe is a one-stop golf shoppe geared to meet the needs of lady golfers along with the up and coming junior girl golfers. This globally recognized 4000 square foot store houses everything you’ll ever need to play the game of golf.

Ladies’ golf accessories
are plentiful and unique. You’ll find ladies’ hats and visors coordinated with ladies’ golf gloves, golf towels and ladies’ golf totes. You’ll find ladies’ golf shoes to match the latest
ladies’ golf apparel, women’s plus size apparel and junior golf girl apparel . A variety of ladies’ golf bags … from the ultra-light to the full professional … can accommodate a full set of the newest in ladies’ or junior girl golf clubs. A staff of professional golf instructors are available to personally custom fit your equipment needs, provide you with individual or group lessons, or just repair that broken wedge. Lori’s just has it all!

Visit Lori’s Golf Shoppe located in Calabash, North Carolina, or browse on-line at Lorisgolfshoppe.com for an experience you will welcome year after year. Loris’ Golf Shoppe is the place where all Golfing Gals Gather!

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