Bennington’s Best Bets for 2009!

There’s something for every woman golfer with the 2009 Bennington Ladies’ Golf Bags! Take your pick! Want a Coutoured ladies’ bag with a 15-way top? Or would you rather the 9 club, 10 club or 12 club Quiet Organizer? Would a stand bag be your choice? Whatever your preference, Bennington Bags have the answer!
The 2009 Bennington Ladies’ Coutoured Golf Bags boast sophistication and style. The 15- way top provides full length dividers to protect your clubs from damage in day-to-day movement. The seven zippered, front access pocket design keeps all belongings readily accessible while the fleece lined valuables pocket can hold your more cherished items. Transporting this ladies’ golf bag becomes more manageable with the dual side lift handles. Add an additional clutch pouch and insulated drink pocket to the mix and you are ready to spend the day on the course!

Bennington’s Ladies’ Quiet Organizer Golf Bags are rather unique in their design. Focus was placed upon the damage that can occur with the golf clubs during a typical round of golf or during transport to and from the golf course. According to Bennington, “anytime the bag moves, there is direct abrasive contact between club heads and shafts. This action can cause undetectable damage and weak spots throughout the shaft. The weaknesses ultimately alter club performance and eventually lead to breakage.” Thus, they created what has become known as the Quiet Organizer system“. This ladies’ golf bag enables your clubs to remain completely separated and immobilized. The individual slots keep clubs snug and prevents rattling. With these individual holders, it is also much easier to spot missing clubs.

When in need of something light-weight, Bennington also carries a line of ladies’ golf stand bags weighing in at just 3.6 pounds. Equipped with full-length dividers, zippered pockets, and an insulated drink pouch, this stand bag is often a good back-up choice for those days when you wish to walk the course.

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