Golf Bag Fever!

Golf bags for women have certainly taken on a fashionable look over the last decade. The once drab bag has now become alive with splashes of bright colors and patterns.

Competition is great among the many manufacturers, each vying to grab the top spot as the perfect bag for the woman golfer. Cutler Golf Bag designs are certainly in the forefront. While based on the classic golf bag style, the addition of leather trim, argyle or animal pattern print, coordinating head covers and a detachable purse just calls out for the “I’ve got to have it” purchase. Each cart bag presents itself with dividers on top, numerous pockets with zip closures, offset putter tube, umbrella holder and well-padded shoulder straps.

If the lady golfer in you would rather a more subtle design, Cutler offers that as well. They maintained their signature style while providing a more “demure” expression. Equipped with the same accessories as stated above, all bags come with matching travel / rain hoods and weigh just under 10 pounds … a real plus for those of us who must hoist our own bags into the trunks of our cars!

Ladies’ golf has certainly come a long way from yesteryear. Bag designs are geared for the active woman. Matching tote bags, head covers, phone cases, clip on purses are but a few of the many accessories that are easy to find when shopping on line at Lori’ Lori’s Golf Shoppe offers a wide array of ladies’ apparel, ladies’ golf shoes, ladies’ golf equipment, tournament gifts and holiday accessories bound to delight the lady golfer. Be sure to take some time to browse Lori’s for all your golfing needs. It’s the place where all Golfing Gals Gather!

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