Great New Arrival at Lori’s Golf Shoppe: Crocs Golf Shoes

Yes, they have finally arrived…. Crocs Golf Shoes for both men and women. The Boulder, Colorado based company has developed their first shoes for golf and have provided another great option for summer golf shoes. Over the past few years, Crocs Shoes have been known for being a lightweight, comfortable, slip-resistant, fashionable and functional shoe at an affordable price. Now, they have taken their ever popular concept and added spikes. Some of the features for this innovative ladies golf shoe include the following:
  • Circulation nubs stimulate blood flow
  • Footbed conforms to foot creating a custom fit
  • Loose fit and lightweight design allow feet to bend and expand naturally, reducing fatigue
  • Adjustable heel strap hugs the heel enhancing stability and performance
  • Ventilation ports increase breathability while visually helping you line up your feet “square to the ball” for increased aim and accuracy
  • No holes on sides to protect your feet from fresh morning dew and incredibly easy to clean
  • Traditional golf spike pattern includes an innovative ‘target’ pattern
  • Lug traction system features extra traction to effectively balance weight during swing

With an increasing demand for cool, lightweight golf shoes, there are now more options than ever for summer footwear. In addition to the new Crocs Golf Shoes, some options include

Nike Summer Lite Ladies golf shoes, Adidas Oasis Lite Ladies golf shoes, Bite Mesh Golf shoes, and a variety of ladies golf sandals offered by Sandbaggers and Golfstream Shoes.Check them out today at

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